Now this books seems like a typical Shay Savage work. It's creative, it's refreshing and is absolutely a page turner!

I liked the premise. Savage created a dystopia that gripped me from the beginning. Where were the women, children and pets? How will they survive? Questions on the premise constantly circled me and rest assured there is a reasoning given at the end. The first part of the book told in Hannah's POV was believable. I was sold on the surroundings and how all the characters fit together. The second part told in Falk's POV however, lacked some conviction. Although Savage gives you the twist that you were hoping for, it wasn't all that plausible. The surroundings in the second half weren't all that convincing and seemed too overboard.

I will say that I liked the chemistry between Flak and Hannah. I felt the connection and the writing was strong enough to sell me on it. I liked how the two of them came from different backgrounds but their past experiences benefited them in handling each other.

This book was a solid 3.5 for me. I rounded up since it is creative and something new. I will say that if you're a romance genre reader, be prepared for something really refreshing. However if you're an avid dystopian themed book reader, this probably won't be your cup of tea.