This was a very interesting book! I loved the POV of Annie telling the story as if the reader is her therapist. The plot has some twists that I didn't expect, the characters themselves weren't all that likable but the author made them feel real and the story is convincing. That's all I need.

Annie is bitchy but that's to be expected as a victim that survived the trauma that she endured. She alienates everyone in her life because no one would understand and that's absolutely expected. I loved how real she kept it and how she was honest. She was strong and fought her way through and not only survived but we also learn how the healing process worked for her. I loved how Stevens dug into the victim's mind and walked the reader through how her thought process worked and how victims react to abuse. From the hatred she felt to the helplessness and some compassion for the freak. All of it made sense and was full of conviction. The ending was unexpected and although I felt it was a tad bit far-fetched at first, I also believe in the f-ed up motivation of the person behind Annie's abduction. In the world we live in today, there are countless f-ed up stories of people who are sick and crazy so the twist in the end is actually something I could see reading in the newspaper.

Definitely a good read, kept me on my toes and kept me guessing. I'll definitely be picking up another one of Steven's books!