I think Chevy Stevens is one of my new favorite authors! this is the second book I read from her works and I have to say, I'm really enjoying her writing and plot lines!

I really like the twists of the story that Stevens throws in and the ending is usually unlikely thought of and unpredictable. though unpredictable, it's convincing. I also like her writing and character development. she has characters that are real and no bs. nothing fake about them and no drama about stupid stuff. she's able to use her words to weave the story convincingly and bring her characters and stories to life.

to say that I like Toni might be a bit of a stretch. but therein lies the beauty of Stevens' talent...she's able to make me understand and believe as well as empathize with the characters even though I don't really care for them. Toni wasn't a bad kid. rebellious? yes, but not all bad. I empathize with her bullying and I felt so bad for her. reading about the bullying was tough and reminds me of how prevalent it is for kids growing up. I loved reading about how prison changed her and how she matured and came to terms. her transformation was convincing.

I've definitely become a fan of Stevens' work, and will pick up more of her books!