Meh. That's how I felt about this book. The first installment was ok for me, I didn't think it was great but maybe that's because I had such high expectations. This one felt the same for me even though I didn't have any expectations. I wanted some sense of closure since I don't think I will be continuing this journey but it didn't happen.

Plot wise, the story picks up right where it left off and blends seamlessly with the first. I read them back to back and although there were some recaps, it wasn't too bad and it was easily skipped over and were pretty short. I didn't like that Cameron and Emily didn't have any interaction whatsoever. It was written with dual POV's but the whole story was basically Emily trying to move on and get revenge while Cameron just continues on his work. The whole book is about plotting with the coalition and how to make deals and whatnot. No romance if you're looking for it.

Emily is just whatever. I was indifferent towards her before and still am. She doesn't make the smartest choices given her circumstance but all of a sudden she comes up with a smart game plan. How did this all conjure up? No idea, it just spit out of her mouth during her meeting while all we got to read about was her pain. I get it, you're dealing with a loss. But really...the author really needed to throw something else in there for the time being and no, Griff doesn't count.

I forgot to mention how much I loved meatball! I loved him in the first book and I love him even more in this one! I have come to really love pets in certain books and they really breathe more life into a fiction. Oh and "meatball" is an awesome name!

I'm indifferent about Cameron too. As smart and business minded as he is, the book was just stagnant. It felt like it just dragged on and on and didn't progress much at all. Most of the good stuff only started to happened at about 85% of the way in so you have to trudge through all that before you get to any substantial.

Anyways, overall, this was ok but definitely not life changing. I think even for people who liked the first part, this installment might still be a disappointment but nevertheless a stepping point to get to the last part.