The pacing for this book was very slow. The plot was average for the most part with a slight twist at the end. The story is told in 3 POV's alternating before Mia returns and afterwards so timing is a bit out of focus and can lead to some confusion.

The odd part is that of the 3 POV's, none are actually from Mia, the main character. They're all told by secondary characters and we don't actually feel Mia's transformations and her thoughts. Everything we know is all subjective from Colin, Mia's mom Eve, and Gabe, the detective handing Mia's case.

As mentioned, pace is slow. With the story jumping back and forth in time, I thought there would be more excitement but there was little of it. The whole story was so drawn out and lengthy, I really thought more should have happened.

Characters had minimal depth and I'm not sure if I like any of them. None of them were strong enough to carry on the story by himself/herself because none of them were that interesting. The author tried to delve in to the past of the characters and build more convincing personalities but she only scrapped the surface before we go back to the mundane aspects of the story - How cold it was, what Mia is sketching, what they're eating, etc. There were so many words and everything was wordy but no real plot development. I felt like I was really 600 pages and not 300 with how lengthy it felt.

The writing I would assume many people may have liked but to me just felt flowery and wordy. Plot was subpar and lacked in development. Characters lacked depth and were two dimensional. Overall an average book.