I'm disappointed that this is Savage's work...I expected more. Savage is usually creative and wrote books that kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat. This was neither creative nor exciting. This was bland and way too cookie cutter.

Plot line lacked everything...it wasn't refreshing and it was predictable. From SURVIVING RAINE to TRANSCENDENCE, Savage always managed to keep me engaged and excited. This was far from it and it was as if I knew what was going to happen...it was all just a bore.

Characters lacked development. Although there is some depth, it wasn't enough to keep me interested. Aiden's backstory although sad, wasn't really enough to get me to empathize with him. Cloe was bland and although I can relate to her routine life, it wasn't enough for me to like her all that much.

Together, all of this was just bland. Bland, bland, bland.