This was a very interesting book! I loved the POV of Annie telling the story as if the reader is her therapist. The plot has some twists that I didn't expect, the characters themselves weren't all that likable but the author made them feel real and the story is convincing. That's all I need.

This book was definitely written very beautifully . Jackson is a fantastic writer except when she write in the male POV. The pace of the book was rather slow and it dragged on for longer than necessary. The first half of the book was super slow and only by about 60% did some progress start to take place, it felt like it could have happened sooner.

I think Chevy Stevens is one of my new favorite authors! this is the second book I read from her works and I have to say, I'm really enjoying her writing and plot lines!

I wanted to like this book more but it was disappointing. It started off great and I was definitely hooked early on but Sara's personality was a turn off and the ending was blown out of proportion.

Meh. That's how I felt about this book. The first installment was ok for me, I didn't think it was great but maybe that's because I had such high expectations. This one felt the same for me even though I didn't have any expectations. I wanted some sense of closure since I don't think I will be continuing this journey but it didn't happen.

The pacing for this book was very slow. The plot was average for the most part with a slight twist at the end. The story is told in 3 POV's alternating before Mia returns and afterwards so timing is a bit out of focus and can lead to some confusion.

This was definitely an interesting read. The premise was simple and it followed through to the end. It was pretty fast pace and no dilly dallying nor wasted words just to get more page numbers or make descriptions more realistic to visualize.

Super short parallel read to NEVER KNOWING. this was a 20 page short story that really isn't worth the time if I didn't read NEVER KNOWING. I guess if you really enjoyed NEVER KNOWING then this would be a good supplemental read. otherwise as a standalone, it's just boring.

This book was quite interesting with a fairly creative plot and very well character development. However, I thought the pace was slow and just dragged.

This was not a good read and definitely sub par from Abbott. Her first book from the DCI series was fairly good and I thought this would be interesting. Far from it.

I really liked Stevens' work for awhile but I'm starting to think either she is losing her touch or I'm growing tired of her.

I'm disappointed that this is Savage's work...I expected more. Savage is usually creative and wrote books that kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat. This was neither creative nor exciting. This was bland and way too cookie cutter.

Another quick read from this series. I like the pace, no BS, no wasted pages, it was very focused and got to the point.

Now this books seems like a typical Shay Savage work. It's creative, it's refreshing and is absolutely a page turner!

Does anyone else think the cover of this book is horrible?  The fighter looks way too cut and it just looks fake.  That aside, the book is pretty decent.  I think it's very predictable, corny but still executed fairly well.  Pacing of the book was good too, no irrelevant details and no wasted pages.  It was to the point and a quick read.

OSense O-Sense