Today we're talking to Taryn Steele, the author of The Enough Series.


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been a New Englander all of my life. I love living here! To have the privilege to experience all four seasons is the best. I am a full time working wife and mother. I am a full time Police Records Specialist, part time Paralegal, Notary Public and Author. My number one job will always be wife and mother. If you come to my house and hang out and bring alcohol and/or coffee I will be your best friend (LOL).


How and when did you become a writer?

After some not so great personal life experiences I thought writing about it would be a helpful form of therapy. When I first started writing Good Enough in 2014 I also decided to go back to college for my Paralegal certification. Needless to say the book writing went on the back burner. Once I figured out the whole self-publishing process I didn’t stop and kept going with books two and three.


What genre do you write?

The Enough Series is a Contemporary Romance.


How would you describe your writing style?

Since I have a full time job on top of being a wife and mother my writing time is late at night and on weekends if I have free time. I don’t know if I should say “I got lucky” when I had two knee surgeries one year apart and was stuck in bed and that’s how Never Enough and Is Love Enough got done quicker than Good Enough.


Who inspires you?

Stephen King inspires me. If you haven’t read his Memoir I highly recommend it. It’s truly amazing. On the romance side E.L. James inspired me not to be so shy with my sexual descriptors.


How did you come up with the title?

Good Enough (Book 1) was stuck in my head because it was a phrase that we repeated to me quite often and it annoyed the ever-loving-shit out of me. It also went along with the main characters sense of self so as much as I hated it, it went with the feel of the book. As far as the other two books I waited until after I was done writing to choose the title. Book Three I had originally named Enough is Enough but changed it to Is Love Enough.


Who is your favorite character in your books and why?

Hillary is my favorite character. She overcomes so much throughout the three books. She’s relatable, and I think that’s why she can be easily understood by most.


What are you working on now?

Since Is Love Enough just released in September I’m enjoying my time catching up on my reading. After the New Year I have a novella outlined that I would like to start writing. If you follow me on social media I’ve posted some hints to its storyline.


Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I’m currently scheduled for a couple of signings next year. I will be at Dark and Dirty in Atlantic City in July. I will also be at Love N Salem in Salem, Massachusetts in October. If you’re in the area please come by. I love meeting new people and talking books!